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 0% Progress! 8D

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0% Progress! 8D Empty
PostSubject: 0% Progress! 8D   0% Progress! 8D EmptyWed Oct 07, 2015 5:55 pm

Wow! I suck at sticking to a single game! (Let's hope that I'm not the same way in my relationships. -3-) But what I mean to say is that I have had Fire Emblem Fates since its initial launch in June of 2015... (Yeah, I'm an Importing nerd!) I've bought all of the DLC, Alternate Paths, and I already have prepaid for all of the coming DLC! and let me tell you how far I've gotten in this half of a year! (Almost) Absolutely nowhere! Why? Because I have a need to grind on unlimited side missions, getting OP as fudge, and then One-Shotting the rest of the damn game! It is also because of my recent interest in the Metal Gear series, and although I don't have the means to play Phantom Pain or Ground Zeroes, I still have every other console of which the games have released on. Basically, I CAN'T GET MYSELF TO SIT DOWN AND FINISH THAT GAME!!



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0% Progress! 8D
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