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 Cruz's Alternative Path! (WIP?)

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Cruz's Alternative Path! (WIP?) Empty
PostSubject: Cruz's Alternative Path! (WIP?)   Cruz's Alternative Path! (WIP?) EmptyTue Oct 06, 2015 10:21 pm

Cruz Igranaggio Glocke

"Kurusu"~ Which is just his first name through the thick accent of his friend, Farina.

Physical Age:
18~21 Years Old. Although databases all over the globe have narrowed his age down to this, it still isn't exact.

Mental Age:
His Body and Mind are in sync with each other, and though he carries out some of the most dangerous missions possible, he always finds time to be humorous.

(The species of your character.  Hybrids are fine within reason.)

Male! If he weren't, then I wouldn't be referring to him with Masculine pronouns!

5'6"! Pretty tall for a Mobian, but not crazy huge. If he were too big, he wouldn't have to rely on stealth.

DO YOU THINK HE'S PHAT?! Well he is Phat, but not Fat...
He's about 45 kg, or about 100 lb.

120? I think? He's no rocket scientist, or even a regular scientist, but he's smart enough to know how to perform First-Aid on himself and others. He usually follows the mission plan given to him, but 99% of the time, Fan goes wrong and he has to improvise, which is where his intelligence and creativity shines. He's also Multilingual, fluent in English, German, and Makian. He was taught the alien Makian language by his friends Farina and Semolina.

Marital Status:
He is a single pringle!  

April 12th, 1994-1997 ~Exact Year is Classified~

Birth Place:
~Also Classified, although rumor has it that he was raised somewhere in the far North. ~

He lives in a very, VERY large house, but this is mostly because he and his Cousin run an Inn, a small Doctor's Office, and have their homes in one, very large house! This Doctor's Office/Inn may be quite a walk for those coming from the city, but it is a popular place for travelers and local, country folks.

Tactical... Espionage... Operations... UH! I MEAN! UM! He's a Photographer that specializes in getting the most detailed and clean shots of all inside coverage! YEAH! He also runs the Inn part of the house when he's home.

Social Class:
He's just that guy that runs the Inn by that Farming Community on the other side of the Great Forest.

Economic Class:
Although he lives a middle class lifestyle, in a large building, he is technically rich from saving up money over years and years. How do you think he can afford his gear and a flipping HELICOPTER?! (Besides the fact that his Cousin is a well established Doctor.)

Although the Government (G.U.N.) may call him a 'Terrorist,' that leaks classified Government information onto the Web, he has never taken a single enemy soldier's life. He's only after G.U.N. to expose their more shady practices. (Like when they boarded Space Colony ARK and slaughtered Maria Robotnik in cold blood.)

Top Speed:
Pretty Dang Fast, for average standards, and for a long time, too. He has no super speed, but carrying something of lesser or equal weight to his own will not hinder his speed or endurance whatsoever.

Special Moves:
If you recall Cruz's previous incarnation, he used to be able to control plants and bend them to his will, and though he can still do that to a certain extent, it has been nerfed dramatically. He uses his powers just as rarely as he did before, but now they're weaker! YAY! His most useful ability being "Deku Leaf Glide, Wind Waker Style" to incredible heights. He now doesn't directly heal while in Sunlight, but he can draw sustenance from the Sun and Rain for about a week before he gets hungry. His healing occurs naturally, depending on how well nourished he is. So on a full stomach, this guy is a force to be reckoned with.

Abilities & Aptitude:
Cruz has perfected his stealth game to a tee, his footsteps invisible to the naked ear, and his direct body temperature can be concealed from Thermal Goggles, but not what he leaves behind. This echidna's footsteps may be inaudible, but his heart definitely isn't. Using a Directional Microphone, try listening for a loud, healthy, throbbing, heartbeat. He is very effective while using guns, although he prefers non-lethal firearms like tranquilizers. If he has to engage directly, he has Hand-to-Hand combat training.

Hobbies & Talents:
He's an excellent marksmen, hunter, and he can take decent photos. He usually plays Video Games in VR to practice what he does in real life. He is a total geek for video games, customizing real guns, and sometimes diving in to the realm of Cybernetics. He's also a great cook, since he's gone through survival training. HE CAN COOK ANYTHING AND MAKE IT TASTE GOOD! Ok... well not everything.

He is not invincible. Even though he can heal a little faster than most, anything that could typically kill someone can kill Cruz. Cruz is just a regular echidna, after all. Blood loss, Bullets, Knives, Water, Disease, Broken Necks, Falling, Crushing, Depression, Madness... He could die brutally in so many ways.

Known Relatives:
Atticus (Neo) Glocke (25~30 Years Old), Cruz's older cousin and Support team. He usually backs Cruz up over the radio on Missions, when he's not patching Cruz up from wounds. Their relationship is a fairly positive one, with quite a bit of brotherly hugs.

Farina and Semolina (15~16 Years Old) are like this Cruz's little sisters, since he was the one that initially took them in after being stranded on Mobius. They come from the planet Kovomakian, and while Farina is a docile, passive child with magic, her sister is an aggressive, distrustful, powerhouse with physical weapons. Farina and Cruz are very kind towards one another, but he still can't gain the full trust of Semolina.

None, really.

G.U.N. as an ENTIRE, flipping, whole! Since Cruz's main goal is to expose the darkness, and shadiness of some parts of G.U.N. they are obviously after him with lethal intentions. If sneaking inside an area restricted by G.U.N. Cruz is shot at on sight. However, 99.9% of G.U.N. soldiers and Robots don't recognize him in civilian clothing. Other enemies include Dr. Ivo Robotnik, because Robotnik is a mad scientist out for world domination. (Duh.)

Likes/Favorite activities:
Cruz loves to play his video games or train in VR when he's alone and bored. With friends, he will take them on a walk and have a conversation with them. He sleeps when he REALLY isn't doing anything else

Dislikes/Least favorite activities:
He dislikes when he has to repeat himself all the time for others. Even though he hasn't taken a Mobian or Human life before, he will feel real guilt, even if it's just a simulation.

Gourmet of choice:
Food that he cooks himself, because DAMN! He can cook.

Beverages of choice:
Milk and Water, pretty standard stuff.

Favorite color(s):
He loves the Colors Blue and Violet.

Personality In General:
He is just the kind of person that you can give him the tools, and he will complete the task however he sees fit. He loves improvisation, and like most others, get's pleasure from doing good things for other people. He takes suggestions, not orders, and will become irritated if told exactly what to do. His humor is dark, and his blunt ways of telling people what he is thinking and feeling may come off as cynical and insensitive.

Personality Around Family and/or Friends:
He is usually has a tired, but happy look on his face, yawning quite a bit. He doesn't sugarcoat things though, and when something is wrong with one of his friends, he gives his honest opinion, which may or may not be what they want to hear.

Personality Around Rivals and/or Enemies:
He doesn't act much, at all, because he's usually sneaking by them.

Fur Color:
Green, as usual. Used to be Burgundy before being mutated.

Hair Style:
His hair is messy, and about down to the base of his neck. It's flowy and it's so fabulous.

Skin Color:
His muzzle is an Olive color.

Eye Color:
Milk Chocolate brown. (Some Non-Canon incarnations show his right eye to be Milky White and dead.)

Just your typical Echidnan Muzzle, long and pointy.

Echidnan Ears are hidden under their fur.

It's jagged and weird, twitching some times, but motionless most of the time.

Other Physical Features:
He is very physically fit, being in combat for most of the time.

He usually wears baggy, lounging, comfortable clothing. It's mostly for the comfort, but it also acts a clever way to hide his physique. On missions, he usually wears a skintight, sturdy body suit that maximizes performance of various internal organs by applying pressure to regions of the body. His body suit can also be easily worn under civilian clothing, which is awesome in and of itself.

Items & Weapons:
His modified M1911A1 with Suppressor. The main modification of his "M9" is that it now fires powerful tranquilizer rounds instead of real bullets. He prefers to stay non-lethal.

He doesn't pilot the Helicopter he owns, but he has one. It's usually piloted by Atticus, (Remotely or Manually) or an A.I. that Cruz has dubbed "NULL." Meaning Zero, or not physically here.


Backstory: (Later... I don't wanna type anymore...)
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Cruz's Alternative Path! (WIP?)
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