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 Delta's characters

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PostSubject: Delta's characters   Delta's characters EmptyThu Nov 27, 2014 6:21 pm

(( I have seven Sonic OCs in total, but I've only revised one of them for now. I'll have to do the rest when I can but for the time being, I'll be using this one through the forums. Without further ado I introduce you my second Sonic OC, Blizzara the White Tigress. ))

Basic Information

Name: Blizzara the White Tigress
Alias: Blizz
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: White Tiger
Date of birth: August 11th
Place of birth: Ice Paradise Zone
Current residence: Spagonia
Occupation: Student, Waitress
Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Description

Image (If Available): N/A
Height: 3'3" (99 cm)
Weight: 32 kg (71 lb)

Appearance: Blizzara has black stripes that cover her mostly white fur, said stripes placed in a pinnate veined-like pattern, even on her face. She also has a peach muzzle and stomach of the same color, along with light blue irises that reflect the sky. Her eyes are shaped similar to those of a typical Mobian cat, and her tail is striped the same way as the rest of her fur: However, the only difference is how the end of her tail is tipped in black. Blizz also has a small, oval shaped nose and triangular ears that aren't too rounded with a peach interior. Her black hair is separated into four large bangs that rest on the front part of her face. Two of them cover her right eye and the other two are parted to the other side, while the tips of her shoulder length back hair slightly curve outward.

Attire: Blizzara typically sports a short-sleeved, light blue winter jacket with furry lining on the collar. The white tigress often wears black fingerless gloves along with faded jeans of the same color. The bottoms of her jeans are tucked away under her black combat boots.

Personal Information

Personality: Mainly, Blizzara is an person that prefers being alone and think to herself. She tends to have an easier time thinking while by herself and prefers to be that way. Most times when she’s not around people, she’s found somewhere in her city relaxing by herself or taking a stroll to clear her mind and be alone. She’s respectful, respecting those who respect her in return.

Although perceived as having a seemingly quiet and unsocial demeanor, that’s not the case with Blizz. She may prefer to be by herself most times, but she’s easy to talk to despite having the opposite body language and a loyal person at that once she’s deemed you worthy of her trust. Being said, gaining that isn’t as easy as befriending her. Blizzara is also rather determined, as she won’t start something knowing it will never be completed.

Even though quiet and not one to talk much, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind should there be a topic she absolutely must address, such as a disagreement and other things. Should it come to things such as that, she is easily offended. Blizz also prefers to approach problems, fighting and other things with a logical approach, always attempting to think of the best way to sort things out without causing more problems in the long run. Unfortunately, she isn’t patient once coming upon something she doesn’t exactly agree with, and will likely burst out with whatever counter-statement she has. However, she tries to work on improving this personality trait, though sometimes it can’t be helped.

Hobbies/Talents: Whenever Blizzara finds herself with time to kill, she’ll be found reading in her room. Blizzara also enjoys ice skating and archery. She finds archery a good tool in combat, as she fights from a distance and needs the accuracy to truly be a threat.

Likes: Ice skating, reading, archery, taking a stroll, ice cream, cream soda, the sunrise, the sunset, milk chocolate, tomato and basil penne pasta, chocolate milk, the color light blue, her friends, being known as a role model

Dislikes: Obnoxious behavior, fire, her enemies, those who attempt to interrupting her achieving her goals, disrespectful people

Items: Blizzara doesn’t carry any items around with her.

Vehicles: Blizzara doesn’t own any vehicles.

Trivia: Blizzara likes to be up early, and tends to take a walk outside once she does. Even though she likes to be up early, she also likes counting the stars from her window or even while outside at night.


Family: Blizzard the White Tiger (father), Crystal the White Tigress (mother)
Close Friends: Whirlwind the Cheetah
Other Friends: Kei the Lynx
Romantic Interest: N/A
Rivals: Whirlwind the Cheetah (friendly)
Enemies: Pandora the Cat

Battle Information

Skills: Blizzara is able to manipulate ice in various ways offensively, defensively, and in other ways when she’s not in battle. She’s quick, though not as fast as Sonic, given her species and no super speed, and prefers to fight from a distance than up close. Given that’s there is some sort of source to use her powers, she can use it whenever. She can manipulate the density of the ice for various uses, such as a shield for defense or tools for offense.

Techniques: Blizzara’s techniques are heavily based on her powers, which she uses in battle often. These are what her battle techniques include:

--- -- - Cryokinetic Offense - -- ---

  • Ice Arrows: Using her powers to conjure a bow and multiple arrows created and enchanted with ice, Blizzara distances herself from her opponents and fire the arrows with deadly accuracy and speed. Should the arrow come in contact with her opponent, it may freeze over the area from which it touched, or slow down the opponent with its frigidness.

  • Cold Shoulder: Blizzara is able to freeze an opponent over if she makes contact with them with any physical attack. However, she needs to keep their grip on them for a short period of time (around five seconds) for the freezing to take effect on wherever she had touched them.

  • Ice Shards: The white tigress is able to create shards of ice and sent them towards the opponent at a rapid speed to slice or cut her enemies. She normally does this to intend to slow her opponents down or damage them overtime without having to be close.

--- -- - Cryokinetic Defense - -- ---

  • Ice Barrier: Blizzara can use her powers to create a wall in order to defend herself from harm. It can last for a decent time, though not for too long.

--- -- - Cryokinetic Skills - -- ---

  • Ice Healing: Blizzara is able to heal herself should she become injured in battle as well as her allies and others, though it’s only to a basic level. Using ice, she can heal small cuts and bruises and well and light burns. She can also help recover those suffering from blood loss that is not severe. Lost limbs and damage to the organs are things she can’t heal.

Strengths: Zoning is Blizzara’s forte. To truly be a threat and perhaps annoying in a battle, she keeps the distance between herself and her opponent as far as required to unleash her attacks close to its highest potential. She is also very accurate with her aim, particularly with archery as she has been practicing the skill for future battles. She also has a decent defense, able to withstand some blows from opponents that prefer to fight physically.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Blizzara finds herself nearly walled upon forced into close combat. She can’t really fight back, and requires herself to withstand blows and take a chance to distance herself. The presence and power of flames negate her power, which becomes worse when coupled with her fear of it. Evading attacks also isn’t her strong point, unless she’s given enough time to react.

Weapons: Blizzara doesn’t carry any weapons with her.


In the zone that was Ice Paradise was where Blizzara spent some of her childhood. Born to Crystal the White Tigress and Blizzard the White Tiger in this zone, the name of it truthfully reflected the city: an ice paradise. Ice Paradise Zone was a place filled with friendly Mobians of all species, and soft snow that seemed to fall all year long, and Blizzara loved it.

Her parents were rather kind though still disciplinary, occasionally taking her outside to view the city buildings and the other habitants in the area, who were rather amiable. In her early childhood in the zone, Blizzara was known to be the friendly, most energetic girl on the block. Her parents and other Mobians would find her greeting everyone she met with a grin.

With her surroundings being rather cold, her powers began to develop rather quickly. Struggling to control them once they appeared for the first time, she slowly began to keep them under control and use them for other purposes once she felt confident enough and experience grew through the few years.

Though it seemed that she would have a pleasant life in the zone she truly enjoyed, she didn’t get to stay there for long. When she was six years old, her parents told her that the whole family would be moving to Spagonia. Although she pleaded to stay, her parents had the right reasons. Crystal and Blizzard had both found well-paying occupations in Spagonia, along with a slightly larger house as Blizzara grew older. Of course at Blizzara’s age, she didn’t truly understand and was rather pouty on the subject.

When the day came to move to Spagonia, the young white tigress told herself that she would keep quiet and reserved once they were in the new city. At this time, she was still lamenting about leaving Ice Paradise Zone. She didn’t want to go out and meet new people. She just wanted to stay where she had most of her memories forever.

The young white tigress kept her promise to herself. She kept her to herself for the majority of the time in Spagonia, doing well in school though not making the effort to interact often with those around her, which is where her silent personality began to grow.

Two years passed since first moving into Spagonia, and Blizz was now eight years of age. There was a cheetah that moved in next to her, was the same age, and also attended the same school. He was very social, something that she was somewhat afraid of. Originally, she tried to avoid him to keep herself quiet like she had said, though it was to no avail. He was known as Whirlwind, and the two eventually found themselves talking about similar interests: Such as Blizz’s favorite food being pasta and Whirlwind enjoyed Italian food in general.

Years passed, and Blizzara and Whirl grew very close to each other. The white tigress found herself talking to more people, opening up like she was when she was much younger, though still maintaining her silent personality. She later found this trait becoming her independence when she was around her pre-teen years, and enjoyed this. With this, she began to read more often. It was pleasant being thrown into a completely different world with different ideals and ideas all through creative text.

Once she was 15, Crystal and Blizzard informed their daughter they’d be moving back to Ice Paradise Zone. Though the offer was nice, Blizzara decided that she wanted to stay in Spagonia. With that set, Blizzara now lives in a small apartment in Spagonia where her parents give her money occasionally, and she makes her own with her part-time job as a waitress.

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Delta's characters
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