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 Nazo Unleashed Review

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PostSubject: Nazo Unleashed Review   Nazo Unleashed Review EmptySat Oct 11, 2014 1:04 am

Disclaimer: I do not own Nazo, nor Nazo Unleashed. Rights to both go to their respective owners, and I in no way claim any ownership over them. I'm simply just giving my two rings about them.

Oh, Chaos... How do I get myself into these situations?

Nazo Unleashed. In the eyes of many fans, a masterpiece made by the Sonic fanbase. THis was one of the first fanfictions ever written for Sonic, and so naturally, it hit popularity. But... Since it's been so many years since that story was first made, how about we break it down?

NUMBER 1!!!!! THE STORY!!!!!!

Okay, basically, the Chaos Emeralds produce an anonymous villain who goes by the name 'Nazo', and as far as we can tell, is a being made of pure chaos energy. His main goal is to collect all the Chaos Emeralds, and the Master Emerald, and then... Um... No clue. Doesn't give us anything past that. In the ORIGINAL writing, the fanfiction the movie was based on, apparently Sonic beats Nazo by combining with Shadow. And... Goku...? And... Naruto...? And... Pikachu...?


Why can't Sonic just be it's own thing!? Why do people always have to bring their other fandoms into it!? Bloody wanker! *Sigh* Anyway. Let's proceed to the next part I'll analyze...


Now, arguably, the canon characters were portrayed pretty well. Possibly because no original voice acting was done for this, and the lines were taken straight from the Adventure games. At least it makes better for the bloody awful lines in the fanfiction. BUT, that gives no excuse for... Nazo.

Dear Chaos, Nazo.

Probably, one of, the worst characters I've ever seen in all of Sonic fan character fiction in all my years on the internet. If he plans to destroy the Earth, than he's just being plain stupid. How does he benefit from that? If he wants to just kill everyone for really no benefit, than... Why? Just... Why? Is it fun? I guess that must be it. He seems to take joy to inflict pain upon others. And every last gimmick is just ripped from Dragon Ball Z. And the forms... UGGGGH... The forms... It's like written in law, that if you want your character to be bloody cool and look totally awesome, you need to give them more forms than the people can count. Basically, this is how he was most of the time.

Nazo Unleashed Review Final-Form

I mean... Really? His entire character is just so... Dragon Ball. I have nothing wrong with that series, heck, I love it to death. I just think that people need to keep it away from Sonic. Instead, Nazo snorted a huge row of Dragon Ball Z before this fanfic and now... We have this mess.

Dear Chaos... I am harshly criticizing Nazo Unleashed on the internet. I am gonna get CRUCIFIED for this!!

Another problem was Some lines were also directly taken from the Dragon Ball series. Mostly Nazo's comments to Super Shadic. Unoriginal content is unoriginal.


*Sigh* I just don't see why someone would take the time to fully animate this... half an hour of full, HD, Dragon Ball copy-paste. There's just... So many things wrong with it... Guys, hear me out. DON'T make characters like Nazo. It's just... Lame.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, and make a reply telling me what you think.

P.S: ...Nazo's shoes a freaking stupid. Yes, I know the design used for him was an unused image from Sonic X, and that it was only shot from the knees up, but really, the design was already there for you. Don't you think you could have actually gave a crap and put some creativity into the shoes? You already blatantly ripped off everything else.
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Nazo Unleashed Review
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