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 [Open] Nightmare in Station Square

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[Open] Nightmare in Station Square Empty
PostSubject: [Open] Nightmare in Station Square   [Open] Nightmare in Station Square EmptyWed Oct 08, 2014 10:57 am

Halloween. In Sonic's opinion, one of the best times of the year. Who could argue about dressing up to get free candy and tricking friends for an entire day? Sonic rushed about, holding an orange pail in one hand shaped like a pumpkin. He had bandages up his legs, around his torso, along his arms, and over his mouth and spines. He had been going door to door getting candy for a while now, and he figured that chocolate rings, gummy chao, and lolli-emeralds were all well and good, but there was one place he was really after. "The haunted house." Sonic said, skidding to a stop as he looked at a creaky old house surrounded by dead trees. "Wow, some people really go all out with the decorations!" He said, standing on the sidewalk as he looked to the house. "Probably have a lot of candy, too. Doesn't seem like anyone else is going there. More for me!"
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[Open] Nightmare in Station Square
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