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 Official Character List and Application

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Silver Emerald
Silver Emerald

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PostSubject: Official Character List and Application   Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:13 pm

Canon Character Application Rules

• You must make an application to have a chance at authoring a canon character.  Everyone has to, staff included.

• Please use the form given below to apply.

• The entire canon character list resets about every two months.  Previous authors may re-apply with the same application they used before.  When an app is ~4 months old it will be removed.

• The list resets at the start of September, November, January, March, May, and July, and you can apply for any character up to two weeks before to try to compete for characters who already have authors.

• You may author any 1 Major Character (of any continuity) and any 1 Minor Character, or any 3 Minor Characters.

• It should go without saying, but during times besides the list resets you may only apply for open characters.

• Your app will be judged by (currently) four judges, who will each give it a whole number score from 1 to 5.

• You need a score of 16 for a major character and need a score of 10 for a minor character.

• If you fail an app you'll be given reasons why.

• You can fail two applications for a given character in a two-month period.

• If you'd like to RP as a canon character who isn't on the list, PM Silver Emerald or Skylar Ferrix and they'll be added to the list if they belong on it.

• If you understand all of that, go ahead and paste the form below into your post and submit it with all the blanks filled in!  If you're a return applicant, you are free to reuse your last application if you want to.

Application Form:
This form is for canon characters only, not your personal characters.

(The name you use on the forum at the time you apply.)
(Name of the character you would like to play.)
[b]Age (IC):[/b]
(The age of the character; if there's no way to tell for sure make your best guess.)

(Make your best effort to describe the character's personality.  The more descriptive you are, the more likely you'll pass.)

(What powers or abilities does the character have?)

(What does the character like?)
(What does the character dislike?)
(What is the character good at or known for?)
(What are the character's weaknesses?)
(What is the character's background; what major events has he/she been part of?  The more information you include, the stronger your application gets, and this includes knowing about how the character has been part of different continuities.  If you think a character has little to no history, talk to an admin and you might not have to answer this question.)
[b]Do you think you are able to author this character well?  Why should [I]you[/I] be the author of this particular character?[/b]
(If you think you're fit, why?  And why are you the best person for the character?)
[b]Do you understand that you have to reapply to keep authoring the character?  Do you understand that staff can take back the character you have chosen if you have RPed the character [I]very[/I] unlike their history and personality?[/b]
(Your answer is yes, right?)
[b]Try to get in character:[/b]
(Write an example RP post while being in character, showing how you would author him/her.)

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Silver Emerald
Silver Emerald

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Join date : 2014-07-15
Age : 22
Location : Marble Falls, South Island

PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:13 pm

Major All/Game Characters
Character NameContinuityFirst AppearanceCurrent PlayerApplication Expiration
Sonic The HedgehogAllSonic the HedgehogClashNovember 1, 2014
Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' RobotnikAllSonic The HedgehogN/AN/A
Miles 'Tails' ProwerAllSonic The Hedgehog 2N/AN/A
Amy Rose the HedgehogAllSonic CDN/AN/A
Metal SonicAllSonic CDN/AN/A
Knuckles the EchidnaAllSonic The Hedgehog 3N/AN/A
Shadow the HedgehogAllSonic Adventure 2N/AN/A
Rouge the BatAllSonic Adventure 2N/AN/A
Silver the HedgehogAllSonic The Hedgehog (2006)N/AN/A
Blaze the CatAllSonic RushN/AN/A
Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the ChaoAllSonic Advance 2N/AN/A
Jet the HawkAllSonic RidersN/AN/A
Wave the SwallowAllSonic RidersN/AN/A
Storm the AlbatrossAllSonic RidersN/AN/A
E-123 "Omega"AllSonic HeroesN/AN/A
Espio the ChameleonAllKnuckles' ChaotixN/AN/A
Charmy BeeAllKnuckles' ChaotixN/AN/A
Vector the CrocodileAllKnuckles' ChaotixN/AN/A
Marine the RaccoonAllSonic Rush AdventureN/AN/A
Emerl the GzioidAllSonic BattleN/AN/A
Chaos the Water GodAllSonic AdventureN/AN/A
Iblis the Fire GodGameSonic The Hedgehog (2006)N/AN/A
Chip/Light GaiaGameSonic UnleashedN/AN/A
Eggman NegaAllSonic RushN/AN/A
Minor All/Game Characters
Character NameContinuityFirst AppearancePlayerApplication Expiration
Mighty the ArmadilloAllSEGASonic The HedgehogN/AN/A
Ray the Flying SquirrelAllSEGASonic The HedgehogN/AN/A
Bark the Polar BearAllSonic the FightersN/AN/A
Bean the "Dynamite" DuckAllSonic the FightersN/AN/A
Fang/Nack the WeaselAllSonic Triple TroubleN/AN/A
Tikal the EchidnaAllSonic AdventureN/AN/A
Shade the EchidnaGameSonic ChroniclesN/AN/A
Orbot & CubotAllSonic Unleashed & ColorsN/AN/A
OmochaoGameSonic AdventureN/AN/A
Tails DollGameSonic RN/AN/A
Metal KnucklesGameSonic RN/AN/A
Vanilla the RabbitAllSonic Advance 2N/AN/A

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Silver Emerald
Silver Emerald

Posts : 79
Join date : 2014-07-15
Age : 22
Location : Marble Falls, South Island

PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:00 pm

-Work in Progress-

Archie Comic Series Characters

*Note: This list has been heavily condensed, due to the sheer number of characters featured within the series. As mentioned above, PM an admin if you'd like for a certain character to be added.
Character NameContinuityFirst AppearancePlayerApplication
Sally AcornN/AN/A
Fiona FoxN/AN/A
Bunnie RabbotN/AN/A
Mina MongooseN/AN/A
Uncle ChuckN/AN/A
Antoine D’cooletteN/AN/A
Rotor the WalrusN/AN/A
Li MoonN/AN/A
King AcornN/AN/A
Aurora the echdinaN/AN/A
Patch D’CooletteN/AN/A
Dark EnerjakN/AN/A
Dr FinitevusN/AN/A
Rosy the RascalN/AN/A
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Silver Emerald
Silver Emerald

Posts : 79
Join date : 2014-07-15
Age : 22
Location : Marble Falls, South Island

PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:00 pm

Reserved for list.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:47 am

Username: Clash

Character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Age (IC): 16

Sonic has an easy-going, light-hearted attitude. He always has a positive feel about him, and is generally lax about everything. That is, of course, you don't keep him waiting. Sonic has a "Get it done" attitude, and is extremely pushy if he is kept waiting. Making him wait to long will result in him straight up leaving entirely. Even with this flaw, Sonic still has a great personality, and has no trouble making a positive reflection on many he meets.

(Now, throughout the years, Sonic has gotten a LOT of abilities. Like... Wow. I'll just name his most well-known.)

Homing Attack: When in the air, when Sonic is curled up, he is able to focus his momentum on one target, and rocket at them with great force. He can chain together a series of Homing Attacks, so long as the distance isn't too great.

Spin-Dash: When curled up on the ground, Sonic can keep himself in place, and then rocket forward with amazing speed. All enemies in the way of this are hit with a brutal impact. This ability is good both offensively, and defensively, or to just a get a good boost to get through that darn loop.

Light-Speed Dash: After obtaining the Light-Speed Shoes back in Station Square, sonic now has the ability to use rings as raw speed. This increases his speed ten fold, so long as there is a trail of rings. He also has no control where it takes him, just where the trail ends.

Sonic Cyclone: Sonic can focus his speed into a tornado, and use it to attack enemies, or get an extra boost upwards.


Running: Sonic's overall favorite pass time. It's he's known for, and it's what he's best at. For him, nothing else comes close to just running. Gotta go fast!

Chili-Dogs: The best food in the world! Get some jalapenos on there and forget about it!

Helping Friends: Basically his job. He beats Eggman and saves woodland creatures more often than you brush your teeth. He has strong conviction to protect those who are close to him, and he's happy to help them when needed.


Water: Makes Sonic one unhappy hedgehog. He cannot swim, and usually loses his cool when in water.

Waiting: Again, he absolutely hates having to sit down and wait on something. He quickly gets pushy and snappy when he needs to wait, and leaves if kept for even over a few minutes.

Violence: Though Sonic is very skilled in combat, fighting isn't something he takes big joy in doing. He tries different approaches of solving things, though fighting seems to be the only way to solve things now.


Friendly: Sonic can easily get on good terms with others around him, and this has helped him very well in the long run. He has loyal friends who would follow him to the end, and never leave his side. Sonic's personality in general proves to help him.

Super Sonic Speed: The fastest thing alive, the blue blur, are just a few of his titles. His speed is most definitely his greatest asset. He can move at the speed of sound, and is more than capable of controlling his speed. I cannot stress just how incredible his speed is, it's what he's been come to be known for.

Leadership: Sonic acts as a good leader, and is able to bring victory with the help of his friends. He has been in charge of groups such as Team Sonic and the second in command of the Freedom Fighters, both of which have accomplished great feats with Sonic's guidance, even going as far as saving entire planets.


Swimming: Sonic cannot, in any way, shape, or form, do any kind of swimming. He will sink like a brick, and he'll panic to find air sources underwater. While he may have swam in the Olympics, he was shown to be wearing a life vest while doing so. Other than that, Sonic cannot swim. Ever.

Cocky: Sonic's general cockiness is what can make him lose an advantage in situations. While he may be winning a fight, he may start gloating, and go out of the way to humiliate enemies, or even make fun at them with absurd body language. This leaves him wide open for enemies to take advantage of.

Impatient: Patience is a virtue... That Sonic does not have. He's easily upset when he has to wait, and wants things to get done ASAP. He will even disobey direct orders if he thinks it will get something done quicker. This behavior has been shown to make him walk right into traps, and ruin entire operations before.

From the moment he was born, Sonic 'Maurice' Hedgehog was destined for greatness. He has live parents, though seems to be living on his own. Sonic grew up in a harsh, violent world called Mobius. A once peaceful planet, now being terrorized by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Sonic joined up with the Freedom Fighters, a group dedicated to combating Robotnik's oppressive rule. Though the Freedom Fighters work with the hedgehog, Sonic has proven to take the solo route quite often. Though he almost always brings his companion Miles "Tails" Prower. Sonic serves as a brother figure for Tails, and both are almost always together on adventures. The two thwart Dr. Robotnik's plans again and again. Sonic has even had to fight gods, embodiments of chaos, and mechanical overlords. Though many have tried to compete with Sonic, such as Shadow, Metal Sonic, Scourge, and Silver Sonic, none have proven to be equal to the hedgehog we all know today.

Do you think you are able to author this character well?  Why should you be the author of this particular character?
I should control this character because I really have grown up with Sonic. He's been my hero as long as I could remember, and I always tried to be like him. Since I've always wanted to be like him, I know how to play him well.

Do you understand that you have to reapply to keep authoring the character?  Do you understand that staff can take back the character you have chosen if you have RPed the character very unlike their history and personality?
Of course. The second I start messing up, taking him away. I want justice to the role of Sonic.

Try to get in character:
"Hey, Egg-Head! Why don't ya just give up and drop the critters now?" Sonic said, giving chase to Eggman. The doctor had a capsule of small animals below his carrier, and he was trying to get away from Sonic. "Silence! How dare you tell the great Ivo Robotnik what do do, you blue rat!" Eggman shouted, slamming his fists into his control console and speeding up. "Sheesh, baldy... Don't you ever learn?" Sonic said, speeding up double-time and running along side Eggman. "No machine you crank out can ever keep up with me!" Sonic said, sticking out his tongue at Eggman and wagging his index finger. He then jumped up and Homing Attack the cable holding the capsule. "No! You spiky runt!" Robotnik shouted, hurrying off. Sonic jumped on top of the button that topped the capsule, opening it and letting all the animals run off. "And THAT is how it's done!" Sonic said, smiling and wiping his hands together. As he watched the creatures run off, his stomach growled. "Uh-Oh... I hope I passed a chili-dog stand somewhere back there..." Sonic said, speeding off to get a well deserved snack. But before he got very far, he crashed right into something, it was cold and made a clanging noise as he fell back. "Hey buddy! Watch where you're goin-" Sonic stopped the words from coming out of his mouth as he slowly looked up, seeing Eggman piloting a large mechanical scorpion. "Behold! I shall call it... the Egg Scorpion!" The doctor said, as the two pincers snapped together, sparks snapping in the air as a coating of electricity formed around it's claws. "Come on, Egghead! When are ya just gonna throw in the towel?" Sonic said, jumping up and evading the claw, before dashing at the cockpit. Sonic landed with a thud on the glass, Eggman sticking his tongue at him. "Reinforced glass! I should have done this years ago!" Eggman said, before pulling on some controls. "Now, just stay right there..." Sonic looked up, seeing the stinger on the tail was moving, taking aim at him. Then, it launched. Sonic chuckled, easily moving out of the way. Eggman's face turned to shock as the stinger missed Sonic, and pierced right into the cockpit, chattering the tough glass. "Looks like you got the point." Sonic said, smirking as he hopped up and looked at Eggman. "You blasted rodent... This isn't over!" Eggman shouted, detaching his usual machine from the Egg Scorpion and speeding away. Sonic smiled, looking over the wreckage before he smelled something. "No way... Chili dogs!" He shouted, running in the direction he smelled the aroma.
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Silver Emerald
Silver Emerald

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PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:11 pm

Clash - Application for Sonic the Hedgehog

Score: 17/20

Result: Pass

Comments: Even though the panel of judges gave you the green light to go ahead, keep in mind that there's a lot more to Sonic's personality than cocky, relaxed, and impatient.  Also make sure that you're ready for any continuity, since you're now the author for our flagship character.

Expiration Date: November 1, 2014
(You can reapply between October 25th and November 8th, or buy an auto-extension from the Ring Store.)
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Ghost The Cat

Ghost The Cat

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PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:34 pm

i know this is a stupid question but reading the list of names and i have noticed some people are missing will you be adding them?

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Solar Flare
Solar Flare

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PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:18 pm

As it's been said in the posts above, the list is far from complete due to the sheer amount of characters in all the universes. If you want a specific character added just pm one of us and ask.

"The more you resist the Shadows within, the stronger they become. This is the test of the Persona."
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PostSubject: Re: Official Character List and Application   

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Official Character List and Application
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