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 Unanswered Memories

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Closure. That was what he needed before he could go on. The dark sky night was littered with stars that shone bright as the hedgehog walked through the rocky terrain. Clash looked ahead, seeing how much farther it would be until he reached his destination. He walked on, his shoes getting brown dust all over them from the long trek. He didn't take any transport, just in case they were still there. He walked on, eventually seeing a building not to far away. It seemed like a military base, but was worn out, abandon, deserted. Walls were falling apart, erosion was evident, and there were shattered windows and desert plants all over it's faces. The hedgehog approached it, coming to a large steel door that was rusted past use. He walked over to the right side of it and touched the wall, feeling a small control pad. The console dangled out of it and buttons were missing here and there. "Crap... Guess putting in the password and walking in isn't going to work..." He said, lowering his paw from the pad. He then walked around the wall, looking it up and down. He eventually came to a small hole at the bottom of it. It was round, and lead to the other side. A tight squeeze, but it could work. Clash knelt down and curled up, rolling through the hole. He popped out of the other end and he stood up, brushing dust off his jacket.

"Definately not the way it was when I left..." Clash said, walking through the courtyard. Looking around he saw worn wood crates with the G.U.N logo fading off them. Some old targets were laying around, holes in them from use. Empty bullet shells littered the entire ground, some of them half-buried in dust. Clash walked on, not giving much mind to any of them. He came to the main building, better shape than the outer wall, but still pretty beat-up. Clash inspected the door, looking it over. It was rusted, but may still open. He walked over to the keypad and inspected it. Still seemed in good shape. Only the button 3 and 7 were missing. Thankfully, neither of those were in the password. Clash raised his paw and started pressing buttons. "A password so easy that no trooper could forget it... Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero." He said, pressing the zero button five times and then hitting 'Enter'. The door made a large screeching sound and slowly started to slide to the side. Half-way through, it made a groan and spark flew from the frame, stopping it. Clash walked through the half that was open and entered the inner base.

The inside was an absolute mess. Light bulbs dangled from the ceiling, flickering as they gave off ill-light. Dust was in the corners of the room, and course sand was all over the floor in patches. Cobwebs were all over, and spats of rust were on the metal walls, along with peeling paint flaking onto the ground. Clash stepped forward carefully, remembering how the place looked long ago. As the hedgehog continued down the hall, he read the faded labels on the doors he passed. As he walked on, he came to one door that read "Clash". He stopped and looked at it, questioning if he should enter or not. Regardless, he walked over to the door. It was one-fourth of the way open, and the keypad was smashed. Clash grabbed the door and the wall and yanked them apart, screeching sounding as the door slides open more. He walked in and scanned the area. Machines all over and then a blocked off room with a glass wall. Clash walked over to the glass wall, a door between it wide open. Beside the door, two bodies laid on each side. Their military uniforms clung to their bony bodies. Dried up red splotches were all over were they lay, and one of their rifles was missing. Clash remembered how this went down. He was the one who did it. He walked over to the tables and other devices on the other side of his former room. Clash looked over everything, and then picked up a yellow folder, reading it over.

Project: 51
Name: Adam Bastion Wade
Code Name: Clash
Race: Hedgehog
Doctor's Entry: Prof. Kevorkian's Log, entry on "Clash" Log 1
He still shows us high promise. But he shows high resilience, too. He refuses to do as we ask no matter how much we tell him too. We need to break him down psychologically before we make any progress with him physically. His mind set is... Interesting, to say the very least. It takes a strong sense of justice from his mother, and a more rebellious nature from his father. The two make him very difficult to control, unfortunately. Prior to this we have tried with his sister, whom we had no progress with. She was given to me for my biological studies. His mother was also one we tried, sadly, no luck. She will make for excellent studies, though. We never did catch his father. Someday...

Log 2

And so it continues. He's broken. They've already began their training with him, though I somewhat wish that he stayed stubborn. I have very good plans for him if he does stray...

Log 3


Log 4

I'm afraid I'm not going to live long enough to finish it. I'm just too old. I've tried extending my life as long as I could, but it will take too much time. I have only one choice left. If I input my subconscious into raw data, then perhaps I may still continue my ultimate experiment. This base's terminal shall become my body, and I shall be it's mind.

Clash set down the folder and looked up slowly at one of the computers. It was old and blocky, dust covered it's screen. He walked over and wiped it with his sleeve, then pressing the power button on the side. It booted up slowly, and then 1's and 0's flurried all over it, and the speakers on the base blared. "..So... *Static*... G.U.N's perfect sold- *Static*-ier returns..?" Clash looked around him slowly, and then spoke back. "No. He hasn't. Your soldier left a long time ago, Professor." Laughing echoed and then the scientist proceeded. "Then... *Static*... Why do you come back?" Clash clenched his fist and looked around him angrily. "I want answers! Where is my family!? What were you trying to finish!? And why did you want G.U.N to stop their proceeds with me and let you take the yoke?" Static and laughter came again. "Your mother and sister are dead. But do not worry, they died for a great cause. Your father is out there. Dead most likely, but nonetheless, if he is gone, you'll join him soon." Clash felt air rush out of his lungs as he heard of his mother and sister. "They're... Really gone..? For what reason!? Why have you been doing this!?" Another static laugh came. With a rumble, a tall metal capsule in the corner of the room shuddered. And with a double helix of red flames, it burst in a clap of crimson. Standing there in the burning remain of it, was Clash. "You were perfect for what I have been studying for so many years. Biogenetics run strong in Mobians, and you biotic make up was one of the best we've seen. *Static* But the officials told me no. They had bigger plans for you. So I did what I deemed necessary. One small DNA sample was all I needed to make a copy. And so I made you, and had you work in their place. You're just a fake. A mere copy of the original. And with my biogenetics enhancing the original, he has the genes of all previous test subjects powering him. You may still be Clash, in a way. But you're still just copy of him. And with all the power I've given him, he has become a blood-thirsty God of destruction! And envoy of pure power! And he's fresh out of mercy. Now, Bio-Clash, or should I say, the Real Clash, destroy him."

"I'm just... A Copy..?" Clash said, just as he felt a solid fist impact his stomach faster than he could blink. Air rushed out of him as he staggered back, then feeling the sole of a shoe smash into his jaw. Clash was launched into the wall, which he slammed into with a loud crack. Clash stood up and then looked to the original, who was walking towards him. He pulled his two pistols from his back and began firing at the original, who also brought out two pistols. Bullets began colliding in the air, sending caps everywhere as no shots hit. Feeling his clips run empty, he put his pistols away and then pulled out a grenade, pulling the pin on it and then rolling it towards the original. The original rolled out of the way, raising one of his pistols and then firing. Clash felt a screaming pain in his shoulder as the shot fired dug into his body. He clenched his teeth and felt the heat of the exploding grenade, making his ears ring. The original raised his pistols and cocked the triggers, getting ready to fire. Clash looked around frantically. If he didn't do something, this was the end for him. The original the fired, Clash felt bullets rivet his body, and all he heard were his own regrets and the sound of shells hitting the floor. Clash fell to the ground, a warm pool of blood starting to form around him. He felt the parts in his body where he had been shot. It was the most unimaginable pain he had ever felt. The professor laughed as the original walked over to Clash, pointing a gun at his head. Clash felt his body go numb and his subconscious took over.

"Where... Am I?" Clash said, standing in some sort of black limbo. "Am I... Dead?" He said to no one, and surprisingly, no one responded. "No, not dead yet." A female voice said, and Clash began looking around. "Who's that? Who are you?" He said, as a girl came from the darkness. She was a hedgehog, with light green quills and purple eyes. She had a staggering resemblance to Clash. "Who... Are you?" He asked, confused. "Kimberly Wade, at you service, big bro!" The girl said with a smile, looking up at the hedgehog. "But the Professor said-" "I was dead? Well, I'm not here to explain that to you. That's something you have to find out on your own. I'm just here to tell you, you need to live. You are Clash, right?" The hedgehog fell silent for a moment. "...But, I'm just a copy, remember? I'm not the real one." Kim giggled slightly and then hugged her brother. "You're already... Clash in my eyes."

Clash forced his eyes open and rolled to the side, his ears ringing as he heard the original's shot hit the ground. He stood up and kicked swiftly, ignoring the pain and blood that came from it. He felt his foot connect with the back of the original's leg, sending him to a knee. Clash then grabbed for something on the table from before, anything he could use. He felt something shaped like an emerald. G.U.N's device to force one into the Super form. It never worked, but it still held massive power. Clash hit the original in the side of the head with the emerald, and he then forced it into the original's pocket. Clash pulled the pins on the original's grenades and kicked him back, getting some distance between them. Clash kicked over a table and dove behind it, as powerful explosion blasted everything around it back, the table included. Clash slammed against a wall, and his ears buzzed from the boom. After it was all over, he stood up slowly, and walked over to to the computer. It's screen was cracked, and it laid on the ground, making a buzzing noise. "You still there, Kevorkian?" Clash said, pulling out his pistol, Justice, and pointing it at the monitor's terminal. "*Static* I-Impossible! That cannot be true! You're just copy, a shadow of *Static* the original! Please, I beg you! Leave me be! You've had your justice!" Clash frowned and kept the gun pointed.

"Offer me money."

"All that you could spend in a life time."

"Offer me power."

"All I have and more! Please!"

"Now, offer me anything in the world I desire."

"Anything! Whatever you ask for, it will be your's!"

Clash frowned and cocked the trigger.

"I want my family back you filthy son of a bitch."

He then fired.
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Unanswered Memories
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