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 [IO] Regal Ruins Discovery

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PostSubject: [IO] Regal Ruins Discovery   [IO] Regal Ruins Discovery EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 12:28 am

The whole area was completely clashing. That was the hedgehog's first thought as he approached the rugged looking ruins. Sure, it looked nice, but what was up with the mountains? That shouldn't occur in an area like this. Seriously, where do mountains go off and just appear in the middle of a desert like that? Rude. Poor manners, mountains. Anyway... Clash had heard word of a huge discovery in these ruins. "Looks like I'm the first to get here..." He said, finally reaching the ruins themselves. "Now, time to get to work."
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Skylar Ferrix
Skylar Ferrix

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PostSubject: Re: [IO] Regal Ruins Discovery   [IO] Regal Ruins Discovery EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 1:36 am

Trudging slowly along, seemingly lacking any semblance of vibrancy, the young fox continued onward across the arid terrain. It had been a rather strenuous trek to get to this fabled land, and the incessant barrage of desert sun certainly hadn't made things easier. The reassuring sight of distant ruins amongst the various other landmarks gave Skylar a brief semblance of relief. It wouldn't be long before he'd finally be out of this heat, and starting his search for the rumored discovery...assuming he wouldn't be impeded by and otherwise beset upon by any other meddlesome travelers.

[IO] Regal Ruins Discovery F2wOL
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[IO] Regal Ruins Discovery
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