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 Official Canon, Site Canon, and You

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PostSubject: Official Canon, Site Canon, and You   Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:21 pm

Not sure how to fit all the different Sonic continuities into a nice, neat box?  No worries, we took care of it for you.  Just keep the following in mind:

1. Everyone can bring something to the site, and so can every canon.  When setting up an RP you're free to use any Sonic continuity as long as everyone in the RP agrees to it!  Really major events that drastically affect site canon will usually be run by site staff.

2. For ease of reference, the world is generally Mobius and the time is equivalent with Earth time.  The official characters retain their normal ages (pre-Generations plus one) and the fight between the forces of good and evil is still going on.

3. If there's an issue between official canons, bring it to staff.  We'll discuss it and list the decision in this post.

4. Make an effort to learn more about other continuities!

Discrepancy Decision List:

Blank so far!
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Official Canon, Site Canon, and You
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