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 Skylar Ferrix

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Skylar Ferrix
Skylar Ferrix

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Skylar Ferrix
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Physical Age:
Appears to be about 14-16.

Mental Age:
Within the 15-19 range.

Mobian Vulpine


Around 4 ft. (Should be noted that Skylar's ears tend to stand a bit tall.)

65-70 lbs.

115-130 = Notable brightness. (Though upon first impressions, he can appear dense due to his inattentive nature.)

Birth Place:
A Militia stronghold deep within the forested valleys of rural Mobius.

In the hills above the ruins of his birthplace. He resides in what he calls a "burrow", which is more or less a makeshift bunker/cozy living space the size of a small house, dug into the hills.

Economic Class:
Lower Class, probably.

Neutral, with a tendency to do good. Has no concern for set laws, preferring to follow common sense when necessary.

Top Speed:
Generally a slow runner, though it's mostly due to his weighty equipment choices. Unarmed and unequipped, his speed is slightly quicker that an average human can sprint.

Special Moves:
Can lunge/dodge short distances at a blurring speed due to trained reflexes, and is killed with parkour-like maneuvers.

Abilities & Aptitude:
-Has a knack for mechanical/electronic work. He isn't much of an inventor, but is very good at repairs and replicating existing types of equipment from scrap.
-Skilled in the use of stealth; moving silently, remaining still for long periods of time, creeping through vegetation without disturbing a leaf, etc.
-Fluent with usage of Military-grade hardware.
-Excellent swimmer.

Hobbies & Talents:
-Enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities.
-Is a practiced marksman.
-Is somewhat artistic.

-He has never encountered any sort of elemental and/or supernatural enemies, and likely hasn't any idea of how to handle them.
-Skylar's small frame generally isn't strong enough to face down combatants that rely on brute strength.
-Easily demoralized/disheartened in certain situations.
-Another glaring weakness is that Skylar has never actually killed any biological combatants, only mechanical opponents. This puts him at risk to hesitate in critical situations.

Technically none, factoring out separate canons.

Known Relatives:
None currently, as they are either deceased or missing.

The unidentified responsible for the events of his past.

Likes/Favorite activities:
-Further breaking Repairing things.
-Dark and cozy places
-Listening to music
-Random silliness

Dislikes/Least favorite activities:
-Large groups
-Sleep deprivation
-Very young human children
-Being the center of attention
-Self-righteous personalities
-Cold temperatures

Gourmet of choice:
Steamed seafood, mainly due to its rarity in that particular region.
If all else fails, Pizza is the way to go!

Beverages of choice:
Coffee and Sweet Tea.

Favorite color(s):
Orange, Olive-Drab Green, Black, and Turquoise.

Personality In General:
At first glance, Skylar tends to come off as reserved and uninterested. The reality is that he's actually quite timid, due to the extensive time he has spent by himself since the incident. Overall, he is indeed a friendly, humble, and open-minded fox...though his shyness tends to conceal that particular side of him. All it usually takes is a hug or two to help bring him out of his shell. At times, his quiet demeanor is mostly there to conceal his fragile nature.

Personality Around Family and/or Friends:
Generally loyal, loving, and willing to help, Skylar cares a great deal about those close to him. At times, he finds it difficult to convey how he really feels towards others, hoping that his awkward timidness and caring gestures will speak for him. It's not often that he'll trust someone enough to consider them a true friend. One downside to his shy, yet good-natured personality is that he's easily crushed by critical violations of his trust.

Personality Around Rivals and/or Enemies:
In the presence of foes, he tends to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open. He finds little need to converse with someone who he cannot trust.

Fur Color:
Skylar's fur is mostly a sandy orange color. His forearms, lower legs, and ear tips are medium brown, and his chest, tail-tip, muzzle, and inner-ears are a light tan/cream color.

Eye Color:
Due to a genetic defect, his irises are a silvery grey color.

The tail itself resembles an average Fox tail, being a sandy orange color with a light tan tip. What makes it notable, is that it is a blatant indicator of Skylar's attitude. Ie. flicking when curious, fraying when startled or excited, waving when happy, whipping randomly when angry, etc.

A. In casual situations, Skylar simply wears his orange steel-capped shoes and his black fingerless utility gloves.
Skylar Ferrix WNTwDkI
B. For dangerous situations, he'll equip a loadout of infantry gear originally salvaged from the aforementioned ruins. This set of tactical gear protects Skylar against a variety of threats, allowing him to be thrown around quite a bit before succumbing to injury. However, this equipment is quite heavy, causing Skylar to move a bit slower than he would otherwise.
Skylar Ferrix Lpcrvmr
C. For all times in between, he'll wear an O.D. Green tank top, Tactical trousers with boots, and his usual finger-less gloves.

Items & Weapons:
-He's become very good at using his lucky pipewrench as a weapon.
-Occasionally makes use of traps and snares.
-His deceased father's trusty Sidearm. However, he uses it very rarely, and prefers to fight non-lethally when possible.
-Salvaged and rebuilt Tactical SMG, used for larger-scale confrontations. Also used very rarely.
-When all else fails, Skylar resorts to using his skills in hand-to-hand combat.

Skylar maintains an MBT (Main Battle Tank) salvaged from the ruins of the Militia Stronghold nearby. It's a reliable, capable, and protective method of transportation...or rather, it would be if it actually worked. The vehicle is somewhat of an ongoing project, as its various systems and armaments are barely functional. Someday, the young fox hopes to find a few good friends to help him crew the metallic beast, in the interest of using it to fight the various forces of evil plaguing Mobius.
(At some point, I intend to sketch what said MBT would look like. It's likely it will end up looking similar to the M60a3 Patton.)


General Theme:

Combat Theme:

Mission Theme...I guess?

Son of a Vehicle Technician in an Independant Mobian Militia, Skylar spent most of his childhood on-base, gaining a substantial knowledge of both Military technology and mechanical engineering. As a young child, he had trouble making friends with the other children on-base due to his shy demeanor and eerie white iris color. (A birth defect caused by his father's exposure to certain machinery and chemicals throughout his career.) Skylar's mother had died at his birth, and as a result, he spent much of his time with his loving father, learning various skills and concepts. Regardless of his slight misfortunes, he was still able to live a happy and safe life; as the Independant Militia's fortress was located in one of the few corners of Mobius still untouched by the influence of the Robotnik's pestilent mechanical plague.

A the age of eight, an event took place that changed his life forever. It is a story that is better told than summarized.

While playing in the forested hills outside of the fortress, the young fox was suddenly awe-struck by large mysterious swarms of giant mechanical insects forming overhead. For a brief moment he stared dumbfoundedly, curious as to what he was witnessing. His wonder was soon broken by the sound of sirens and gunfire in the distance; sounds that had not echoed off of those forested hills for many years. Terrified and confused, Skylar ran for home. Cresting a hill overlooking the fortress, he could see that which was once mighty and majestic was now crumbling and burning, absolutely infested with these mysterious machines. He ventured into the chaos, desperately searching for his father amongst the panicked civilians and falling debris. With a great degree of luck, Skylar managed to locate his father fighting beside his unit, defending the evacuating civilians. The reunion was short-lived, as Skylar's father sternly ordered his son to flee while he still had the chance. With what could hardly be considered a hug, Skylar and his father said goodbye for the last time. Although every step was filled with reluctance, Skylar did as he was told and ran, not stopping until he was deep in the forest.
He spent that night cold and alone, overtaken with the grief of loss. His only consolation being that his father had died a hero.

Since then he has been all by his lonesome, living out of a small yet cozy subterranean home burrowed into the hills above the ruined fortress. His survival and somewhat decent quality of life is owed heavily to the amount of materials and supplies he's either salvaged from the base ruins, or pilfered from local villages. He has devoted much of his time and energy to locating and sabotaging the factories that produce these robotic "badniks". By using the various weapons and equipment he's been able to acquire, he hopes to one day put an end to the robotic swarms plaguing Mobius. However unrealistic his goal is, it's all this young, orphaned Fox has to hold onto.

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Skylar Ferrix
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