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 Bio Template -SAMPLE-

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Bio Template -SAMPLE- Empty
PostSubject: Bio Template -SAMPLE-   Bio Template -SAMPLE- EmptyTue Sep 09, 2014 3:52 pm

Don't know how to write a bio for your character, or don't know what should be in it?  Feel free to use this template, and to change a bit as well if you think you need parts that aren't here or don't need parts that are.  If you don't finish all of the bio at once but want to post it partial, please mark the thread with -WIP- until it's done.

(Your character's name.)

(Any nicknames your character has.)

Physical Age:
(How old your character looks, normally this will be how old they are.)

Mental Age:
(How old your character is mentally, usually only different from physical age when someone is immortal or when someone is mature for their age.)

(The species of your character.  Hybrids are fine within reason.)

(The gender of your character.)

(How tall your character is from ears to claws, or head to toes in the case of human.  Most Mobians are not as tall as humans.)

(How heavy your character is.  As with height, humans are usually larger.)

(An approximate measure of how intelligent your character is:
70 & Lower = Mental deficiency.
70-85 = Some dullness.
85-100 = Slightly below average.
100 = Average.
100-115 = Slightly above average.
115-130 = Notable brightness.
130-145 = Prodigious
145 & Higher = Genius-level.)

Marital Status:
(If your character is in a relationship, married, or has been in the past, note it here.)

(When your character was born.  For sake of ease, the Earth calendar is suggested.)

Birth Place:
(Where your character was born.  It's suggested that you NOT use a place on Earth.)

(Where your character lives now.)

(What kind of work your character does, if any.)

Social Class:
(Is your character of some kind of social group or stereotype that's everywhere?)

Economic Class:
(As far as money goes, what group is your character in?)

(Good, Neutral or Evil, and Chaotic, Neutral, or Ordered?  One from each of those three.  Or, if you'd rather, make up something entirely different that shows alignment.)

Top Speed:
(How fast your character can move at the very most.)

Special Moves:
(Any attacks or defenses that aren't normal in fighting or that your character is skilled with.)

Abilities & Aptitude:
(What your character is good at naturally, or what experience has made him/her good at.)

Hobbies & Talents:
(What your character likes doing for fun and what he/she is good at within this.)

(At least TWO required. General failures or lack of ability that causes your character to fall short of what he or she might want to do or be.  These weaknesses may be physical, mental, moral, or any other category.)

Known Relatives:
(Family of the character, so far as anyone who knows him or her well would probably know.)

(Friends of the character.  Probably stick to people they'd want to spend time with, rather than just those they happen to know.)

(Those who have ongoing disagreements with the character, probably a challenge happens when the two meet, but who are pretty evenly matched.)

(Those who just flat-out do not get along with your character for whatever reason.  May or may not be evenly matched, but will generally invoke some form of anger on sight.)

Likes/Favorite activities:
(What your character wants to do or have.)

Dislikes/Least favorite activities:
(What your character does not want to do or have.)

Gourmet of choice:
(What your character likes to eat.)

Beverages of choice:
(What your character likes to drink.)

Favorite color(s):
(What your character's favorite color or colors are.)

Personality In General:
(Who is your character?  What drives him/her?  How does he/she act?)

Personality Around Family and/or Friends:
(If the character acts any differently around family or friends.)

Personality Around Rivals and/or Enemies:
(If the character acts any differently around rivals or enemies.)

Fur Color:
(What is the color or colors of your character's fur and/or hair?

Hair Style:
(How does your character's hair look?  If you want to, add how the fur looks too, if it's out of the ordinary.)

Skin Color:
(Skin color of the character.)

Eye Color:
(Eye color of the character.)

(What your character's nose/muzzle looks like.  Does it change appearance based on emotion?  Mostly important if it's unnatural in some way.)

(What your character's ears looks like.  Do they change appearance based on emotion?  Mostly important if they're unnatural in some way.)

(What your character's tail looks like.  Does it change appearance based on emotion?)

Other Physical Features:
(What else is notable about your character's body?)

(What would your character usually be seen wearing, if anything?)

Items & Weapons:
(What does your character usually carry and have at hand/paw?)

(Does your character drive a special vehicle?  If so, what is it?)

(Any songs that you think really fit your character.  Maybe different songs for different occasions?  We ask that you NOT use songs native to the Sonic canon or cast.)

(The history of your character.  What has happened up until now to make him/her who he/she is?  What experiences have been in the past?)
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Bio Template -SAMPLE-
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