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 Ghost The Cat

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Ghost The Cat

Ghost The Cat

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PostSubject: Ghost The Cat   Ghost The Cat EmptyTue Sep 02, 2014 9:33 pm

Ghost The Cat
(The name you use on the forum at the time you apply.)

Ghost the cat
(Name of the character you would like to play.)

age of body 19 age of mind unknown
(The age of the character; if there's no way to tell for sure make your best guess.)

Ghost is quite she likes to be by herself she finds it hard to trust anyone or anything for that matter, she can be shy at times but very stern in her mind. she will protect people close to her with her life if they can get close. she dose not talk alot but she likes to watch things unroll, but when someone is in danger she will not hasitate to help as soon as she can. she will help anyone in need of it, and has a fear of something so simple, failer. she will fight till her last breath and dose not give up for anything.
(Make your best effort to describe the character's personality. The more descriptive you are, the more likely you'll pass.)

ghost can use the chaos emralds in the same way shadow the hedgehog can but in diffrent abiltys. she can use chaos spear (like shadow the hedgehog) chaos controll but insted of chaos blast she can use chaos claw (a move made by me): her hands turn yellow with chaos enrgy and shape into claws for close combat, if the target is to far away she can then gather enrgy and use chaos claw swipe: she swipes the air sending a wave of choas enrgy to words a target but this takes enrgy and can leave Ghost feeling abit slow and week for a while.
she is a speed type and runs at the frount of her team.
she has no super form but has a dark form given from the past. she terns dark when her close master diesel the fox gets hurt in any way. the dark form gives her upgraded abiltys, speed and power it also gives her wings, this is her week spot when in this form. her wings can be "clipped" easly but ghost knowing this is good at flying but can only fly in this form no others, she has skates like shadow dose but the same type just a diffrent couler. to get out of dark form all ghosts power, anger and sadness must be gone or calmed down, or she must be beaten in battle to where she faints. if she leaves the super form she will faint almost instantly due to power loss.
(What powers or abilities does the character have?)

ghost loves the peace of the sea air and the calming winds, she loves to watch her master at work in his lab. when not doing this she loves to run and train her moves to get stronger. ghost finds storms intresting and likes to watch the thunder and lightning come over the sky. ghost is very simple and just wants peace more then anythign but her past makes sort work of makeing sure that never happens.
(What does the character like?)

after the past of ghost she hates shadow the hedgehog and veiws him as week, unneeded and a failer her mission is to destory him at any cost at leest thas what she things, she dose not like dr eggman, or G.U.N who hunt her down daily. she hates load nosie, feeling as if she is week and humons.
(What does the character dislike?)

diesel the fox found ghost a long time ago he found her and known her to be the strongist thing alive named the ultimate wepon by dr eggmand and on the ARK. this is questioniball, as the thing she dose not understand is love and emoshion. shes also known for jumping in, helping someone and leaveing without a trace this was noticed by G.U.N in the past encounters with ghost.
(What is the character good at or known for?)

diesel is her weekness she must protect him as one of her missons she has given herself, shadow is a weekness in its on right as, as soon as she see's shadow she wants to destory him without question, she leaves her open for attacks. she gets week after useing to many choas moves depending on what they are and can faint if it is to much, she can not feel pain alot and sometimes dose not even notic is she hurt this can leave to alot of blood loss if not treeted. in her dark form her wings are easy to clip but due to being a good flyer she is hard in its own right even more so as she is engry! how ever if clipped it can leave her grounded and unaball to use certon moves.
(What are the character's weaknesses?)

ghost the cat was created befor shadow the hedgehog about 5 years before hand as a test subject to test how chaos enrgy or enrgy of any kind would effect a mortol body and how much could be stored within a subject. ghost the cat was made the same way shadow was but without the blood of blackdoom she was made slightly diffrent. insted of blood she has a blood oil and some of her parts are robitic such as (her heart, her vains, and parts of her eyes.) due to this if she is hurt she bleeds a blacky reddish oil, that is thicker then blood itself. she was released for a while on the ARK and met maria when she was very young, she looked after maria and maria did the same back. they understood echuther and became great freinds she spent 2 years with her untill a problem happened they wanted to update ghosts softwhere with a new type said to make her stronger and make it easyer to use chaso enrgy. they wanted to do this and make ghost a royal wepon hiddin in the ARK incase it became in danger. after the tests it was succesfull at first she was asleep in her cabsule they was useing to keep her while they did final tests but something happen, a virus got into the softwhere and got into ghost, it was detected instantly, they tryed to shut it down but no use. it had got to ghost alredy and turnt her evil, black all over with horns and bat like wings with black claws on her hands and feet her tail was a thin black demon tail, she was now a demon of some sort and saw nothing but death and red. she went on a rampage and killed 100's of people on the ARK and came to maria last takeing her by the neck and pushing her to a wall redy to deal the killing blow to the poor girl. maria crying and pleaded for her to stop, she cry and cryed she struggled and could not get free, after sometime of just standing there looking at maria, ghost could not deal the final blow to this poor girl. ghost hasitated even in this evil form, she fought it back and tryed to stop she droped maria to the floor and steped back some steps, she held her head trying to fight as much as she could her paper wight eyes shut tight and the tears came she was scared to hurt maria she dint want to hurt anyone, while this was happening a ARK sicentist got to the main computer and shut ghost the cat down with a password unknown to anyone. ghost stood there and fell on her knees then onto her chest with her head landing on the floor she was shutdown, the dark form from her faded in frount of marias eyes and maria ran to her and huged ghost tight on the floor. she was still crying next to ghost there was nothing she could do. after this ghost was tested while in shutdown mode and it showed the virus was still there and they could not remove it they tryed but trying to remove would end up wipeing her powers and memory clean, maria begged for it not to happen and so they did not wipe her memory she was insted kepy in a locked chamber in the ARKS core never to let out agein. maria felt bad knowing she was locked away and was classed as a "failed" try of the ultimate wepon it was never agein tryed and they studyed then on shadow the hedgehog. 3 years and some months later the fight with GUN on the ARK happened maria was shot and shadow sent to the earth below, GUN was checking the systems and found ghosts data, they woke her up by opening the data on the computer, she fell to the floor close to the core of the ARK, in silence. no one was there, no body she was all alone, she stood up after shakeing her head about and started to check out where evryone was. she walked through halls and saw many humons she did not know she kept to the shadows and mangaed to get to the room where maria was killed, she was still there on the floor in blood of her own. coming around the door ghost saw this her eyes wide open with tears she ran over to her body maria is warm but getting colder, ghost held her in her arms on her lap on the floor and rested her head on marias and prayed she was ok, maria opened her eyes with her last bit on enrgy and looked at ghost, ghost was shocked and held maria closer ghost was cryign she couldent stop ghost asked what happened and in maria words she told ghost this.
"ghost i am dieing... but will you grant me one wish before i pass into a better place" without letting ghost answer she then said
"there is a person called shadow he was made here after you where, watch over him ghost, watch his back, protect him please, please protect him on his joruny, and i will protect you on yours." ghost nodded to the promise and as she did maria took her last breath her eyes dimmed and shut slowly, she became still no movement, she died in ghosts arms. ghost sat there in silenc for abit of time, then a GUN agent came in pointed a gun at ghost on the floor and told her to let maria go and move away, ghost did not move, he asked agein shouting this time, ghost sat there still, it had begun. ghost looked at the man with wight eyes, soulless, the man stepped back in shock and scared he tryed to shoot ghost but useing her dark abiltys she chaos controlled to the back on him and brock his neck and not just that she even took he head clean off, her skin was black as a demon once more, more humons came and one by one she killed them all, no mercy. after running out of enrgy and makeing all the gun agenst run form the ARK she returned to normal after loseing almost all enrgy she had, she then wanted to know who this shadow was, slowy walking to the main computed in the ARK she watched the CCTV in the ARK rooms and saw what happened to maria and to shadow, ghost then became angry and smashed the computed screen with her hand. to her shadow left maria behind he left her to die, he failed. she had forgot maria promise due to the dark form and the anger going through her. but smashing the computed made her relize how much enrgy she had lost. she droped to her knees tiered, she sat there and then thought of what to do. she got up after abit of rest and slowly walked to her resting place in the core of the ARK with one promise she will not forget, to kill shadow the hedgehog to advange maria for his selfishness. she went to her capsule and put herself back to sleep she knew she would wake up sooner of later and when she dose, she will do her misson, she will not forget. many years pasted how many is not sure but she was woken up by diesel the fox a 5 tailed fox sicentist who worked to eggman but revolted and now worked for himself, he confinsed her to come with him saying theres no more reson for her to be here she followed him knowing she had no where els to go, diesel then taught her evrythign she knows about the world as they know it right now, about sonic and his team about the ARK and about shadow, ghost had not forgoten, diesel asked her not to forfill that misson she made herself all the years ago, ghost feels like she ows diesel for wakeing her she now works for him and helps any way she can. right now evrything with diesel and ghost is at some sort of peace, but for how long.

i mainyl think i fit as this is my own person i made no one els made i know her the best.
(If you think you're fit, why? And why are you the best person for the character?)

well this is not a thing to sighn for a person by saga or anyone els this is my design (hanniball 2014) i made ghost the cat and all rgitsh of ghost belong to me i understand about the saga people and over peoples caricters and i hope u understand my answer Razz
(Your answer is yes, right?)

Ghost: -sitting on a ledge in diesels lab, she looks down and see's diesel drop something then yell at himself for doing so- you do relize that yelling at yourself dose not solve the problem it just makes a way out of looking stupid in fount of me, shame to say you look stupid either way -she then smarks at diesel seeing him getting angry at her- and makeing a angry face at me dose not help the problem either.
(Write an example RP post while being in character, showing how you would author him/her.)

"Killing must feel good to God, too... He does it all the time, and are we not created in His image?"
:Dr.Hannibal Lecter
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Ghost The Cat
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